Makeup Revolution – Fast Base Foundation Sticks – Review

Let me start by saying I have not had a good experience with any foundation sticks that I have tried before, ranging from Hourglass, Bobbi Brown and Tom Ford, they just seem to highlight my acne scarring more than if I wasn’t wearing makeup! Mind you, they were applied by MUA’s at beauty counters and I hated it that much that I washed my face as soon as I got home.

When Makeup Revolution announced the release of their Fast Base Foundation sticks I was excited to give them a try, at an affordable Β£5, it was one foundation stick I was willing to try out.


From what I’ve seen on Instagram these fast base sticks are full coverage and I’m more of a light coverage fan. I used the shade C10, which is the perfect shade for my skin (I wear Mac NC35/NC40 for reference).

I applied 4 swipes of the foundation on each side of my face which gave enough coverage to hide any small imperfections and pigmentation. On one half of my face I used a damp beauty blender which gave a nice ‘natural’ finish to the skin.

On the other half I used the real techniques buffing brush, this literally took me seconds to blend in and it gave me slightly fuller coverage. I had a pimple on my forehead which it didn’t conceal completely but did hide the majority of the redness. I could see my acne scars a little more than when I use my normal foundation but it wasn’t as bad as some of the other foundation sticks have looked.

I don’t use setting powders as I feel it aggravates my skin and breaks me out so I do prefer foundations which are quite matte and having oily skin makes that quite hard to find. The finish of this foundation is definitely dewy and straight after applying it I felt I needed to use powder to mask the shine around my t-zone.


In total I had this fast base stick on for around 14 hours and it held up pretty well. By the end of the night I could still see some bronzer on my cheeks and the shine around my t-zone got worse through the day, as expected. Around my pimple I could see the foundation breaking and drying slightly but for the duration I had this on I would say it lasted pretty well.

Overall Thoughts

I think Makeup Revolution are really upping the drugstore game with their new releases, first the Conceal and Define concealers and now this! I’m still not a huge fan of foundation sticks I must admit, despite this being a lovely foundation I still think it highlights my acne scars a lot more than a liquid foundation which makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

It’s a buildable foundation as rather than using concealer over my pimple and redness, I used the foundation to cover it up. It did however look a little cakey the more I applied over the top but if it’s well buffed in this will look flaaaawless. If you have dry or normal skin I think you will love this foundation!

Overall Rating: 4/5

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