My Microneedling Experience at Transform – Review

From my teenage years I have accumulated some pitted and shallow acne scars around my forehead and a few on my cheeks. Whilst they have slightly improved in appearance they are still noticeable and after assessing my options I decided the most suitable treatment for me would be microneedling.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling aka derma roller involves running a rotary device covered in small needles across the skin, the small punctures induce collagen production helping the appearance of fine lines and acne scars.

My Experience

I had my procedure done at Transform cosmetic surgery group in Manchester which cost £290 for a single session or you can purchase a course of 3 for around £750 (I think).

The needle size I went for was the 1.5mm which was the largest they offered and recommended by the practitioner. I arrived 30 minutes earlier so she could apply numbing cream to the affected areas prior to the treatment. The numbing cream helped slightly but on a scale of 1-10 I would still rate this a 7 but that is based on the needle size I went for, I would expect a smaller needle to be less painful.

The treatment itself took around 3-4 minutes if that, which from what I saw on YouTube and read from other blogger reviews was very quick. On the transform website and information I was provided with it said the treatment would last around 30 minutes, which it didn’t, personally I just felt the treatment was a little rushed. I was given a gel to use and was advised to stay away from the gym, sun and free of makeup for a few days.

Before and immediately after the treatment.

I experienced some bleeding during the procedure and my skin was quite red post treatment but calmed down significantly within 24 hours, although it was still noticeably red for around 3-4 days. In total it took around 2 weeks for my skin to fully heal as I have sensitive skin and had quite a few breakouts from the treatment due to the trauma to the skin.


Overall I saw a slight improvement to my acne scars, some of the deeper scars appeared much better but I think in order to see a better result they may require a derma pen to individually target them, as with the smaller acne scars I didn’t notice much difference.  Multiple sessions are required to see drastic changes which I plan to do over the winter and after I’ve saved some money because this treatment is not cheap!

For my next treatments I am looking to go to another company to see if they differ in treatment time and cost. The reason I didn’t commit to multiple sessions is to see wether this is a treatment I would like and to ensure I liked the treatment at the company where I was having it done.

I will keep you guys updated with my microneedling course and will post an update once I have had my next session! If you guys do have any recommended companies in the UK please let me know in the comments below.


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