Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit | Review

Ever since Kylie released her lip kits they have been all the rage, but with the price tag and especially with the customs charge they aren’t the cheapest. You had to have guessed that other brands were definitely going to introduce their own lip kits at a more affordable price, which is exactly what happened! These Makeup Revolution lip kits are the only one’s I have come across which include both a lip liner and liquid lipstick for an affordable £6!

Whilst the Makeup Revolution lip kits are not new on the market they have reinvented them with a new formula. So in this post I’m going to review the old vs the new and my overall impression of them.

They have these lip kits in both matte and metallic shades, I believe 5 shades within each. I have swatched the metallic shades in store and whilst they are very pretty I didn’t purchase them as I knew I wouldn’t see myself wearing them. I did purchase 4 of the 5 shades (they didn’t have the last one in stock) and I bought 2 new formulas and 2 original.

From Top Left – Grandee – Regal / Bottom Left- Echleon- Reign


The consistency of both formulas are exactly the same, but there are some differences with application. The original formulas both applied very smoothly with no tackiness, I found the formula of the new ‘Grandee’ shade became quite sticky on the inner part of the lips and appearing patchy where you could see the clear distinction between my lip and the lipstick, but the new formula ‘Regal’ applied perfectly, no patchiness and no separation on the lips. Once dry I found that there was no transfer with both formulas. As with the lip liners there were no differences, they are very soft and easy to apply (practically glide on).

You can see the application of the 4 shades on my instagram here:


Both formulas lasted well through the day, they wore well through drinking and eating and only needed re-applying slightly to give a more pigmented colour towards the end of the evening. I did find the new formula ‘Grandee’ wore off a lot more from the inner part of the mouth which I did find difficult to reapply with an even finish. Both formulas didn’t leave the lips feeling very dry but after using these consistently for five days I definitely needed to use some vaseline at night!

Overall Thoughts

I think these lip duo’s are a very good product which are both affordable and a good value for money. I personally didn’t like the ‘Grandee’ shade at all, the formula was terrible, every time I closed my lips they would stick and pull apart the product, now it could be that this was just one bad formula from the rest that I got, as all the other shades were perfectly fine, or it could just be down to something within that one shade. My personal favoruite shade is Regal, it’s a gorgeous orange/red shade perfect for tanned skin, however one thing I will say is that the shades that appear on the front of the box do not match the shade within the box, so be careful when picking shades! I can’t fault the liners, I really like them and have even worn them alone with a bit on vaseline on top, if you do like the shades then I reccommend giving them a try as they are good value for money, and if you don’t like the formula of the liquid lipstick you still have the lip liner so it’s not all a loss!

Overall Rating: 3/5

Have you tried these lip kits? How did you find them? Leave me a comment below if you found the same experience with the ‘Grandee’ shade!

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