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This year I promised myself I would travel to a new destination every two months. I figured life is too short and your only young once and I want to make the most of it. So far this year I’ve travelled to Venice, Gran Canaria and flying out to Bordeaux today! And I thought I would share with you guys some of my flight essentials to keep both me and my skin happy.

1. Phone

This goes without saying, I don’t think anyone in the 21st century would be going anywhere without their smartphones. I myself have an iPhone, so to keep me entertained I download a few games, some music and a few podcasts. My favourite game is subway surfer, which I know is a bit of a childish game but let me tell you that thing is addictive! I never used to listen to podcasts but I’ve really got into them recently, they help motivate me with things I want to do and inspire me with new ideas! Would you guys like to see a post with my favourite podcasts?

2. Headphones

I mean without headphones you wouldn’t be able to listen to your music or your podcasts! I like to have two headphones in my bag, my main pair of headphones and a cheap spare, because we all know how tempremental headphones can be!

3. Sheet Mask & Hand Cream

Your skin is happiest when the humidity is around 40-70% and on most airlines it’s around 20%. So if you’ve ever noticed your skin feeling dry the day after a flight that’s why! I carry a sheet mask containing hyaluronic acid, to help my skin maintain water and essentially keep hydrated, you might ask why not just use moistuiriser? Well when the humidity is so low in a plane there is a very small amount of water molecules for the moisturiser to attach to, so they don’t work as well as they can. The first time I wore a sheet mask on the plane it’s safe to say I got a fair few strange looks but my skin ismore important than those odd glares so I just brushed it off. Alternatively you can opt for a serum if you prefer which contains hyaluronic acid. I think you all understand why I carry hand cream right?

4. Lipbalm

In those dry situations the last thing I want is chapped lips, so this is essential. My favourites are Vaseline – Paint the town to give a slight red tint to the lips and Burts Bee’s lipbalm.

5. Blotting Powder

Have you ever noticed your skin being oiler than normal when on a flight? Well due to such low humidity your skin naturally tries to produce more oil to compensate for the dryness. So if you are wearing makeup keep a blotting powder to hand unless you want to step off the flight looking likea grease ball.

6. Passport & Money

Not even something I need to mention but always double check you have your passport and converted money. You won’t be getting far without them!

7. Sunglasses

Mainly if your going to a sunny destination, to stop you from squinting which causes dreaded wrinkles! And simply to look fabulous as you step off the plane to begin your holidayyy!

What are your holiday essentials? Leave me a comment below. See you guys every Saturday for a new post!

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2 thoughts on “Travel |Flight Essentials

  1. Not specific to flights, but I always travel with two pens in my bag. I always forget about having to fill out customs forms and there aren’t always pens available from the airline. I would also recommend a portable charger, because I always run my battery down playing games in flight. It helps to have backup in case the seats don’t have outlets.

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    1. I wish I had seen this earlier, I wanted a pen whilst I was on the flight!! Yeah definitely agree with the portable charger, these smartphones don’t have enough battery lives on them!

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