I Heart Make Up Fixing Spray – Review

I Heart Makeup have recently released a new fixing spray – they have already released a fair few different setting sprays aimed at different skin types, whilst this one isn’t targeted to a particular type I was looking for a new setting spray so I thought I would give it a try.

Setting sprays are ideal if you use a lot of powder products to make it look seamless, less cakey and of course make it last through the day. Essentially I mainly use fixing sprays on a night out or when I’m on holiday in much sunnier climates than Manchester and I need my makeup to stay put.


I Heart fixing spray is a lightweight setting spray that helps keep foundation and eye makeup in place with no smudging or fading, for that just-applied look lasting up to 12 hours.


As stated I applied a light mist of the spray around 8-10 inches away from my face, just enough to cover it without drenching it. The smell of the spray reminds me of bakewell tarts, it’s very sweet but not over powering and you can’t smell it once the spray has set. The mist dries almost instantly without looking shiny or feeling tacky, essentially, it’s very lightweight and you cannot feel it on the skin which I love. With other setting sprays I have tried I found I needed to pat in excess product left on the skin, but this fixing spray completely dries on the skin with no excess.


In total I had this on for around 10 hours, I did have to blot midway through the day but in fairness the product doesn’t state to control oiliness (I have very oily skin). To test how well this kept eye makeup in place I didn’t use an eyeshadow primer, I found my eyelids were very oily but surprisingly the eyeshadows still appeared pigmented and hadn’t creased, which is what normally happens when I don’t use a primer. My foundation was still in place as well as the bronzer, blush and highlighter looking as if it was just applied.

Overall Thoughts

For £5 this is a real gem, I love how lightweight it is and the holding power it has. I have sensitive skin and I have used this spray all through the week to test it out and found no pimples or reactions appearing. I have yet to find a fault with any of the TAM Beauty products I’ve tried!

You can purchase this from Superdrug or Tam Beauty.

Overall Rating : 5/5


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