Makeup Revolution Renaissance Palette Review – Glow Kit

Makeup Revolution have really stepped up the game with their new renaissance line, affordable, good quality, beautiful packaging which makes it look like you’ve splurged (when you haven’t). From the gold packaging on the lipsticks to the sleek black clutch palettes it’s hard not to want to purchase everything from the renaissance line.

One of the newest releases is the Renaissance Glow Palette, which is a duo contour and highlight palette. 

First Thoughts

From the first glance this renaissance glow palette looks high-end, expensive and travel friendly. I think it’s possibly one of the prettiest packaged products I have! It almost looks like an oyster when it’s half open and comes with a little pouch to keep it in. The contour shade appears to be light brown with slight glittery specs, the only way I can think to describe it is a milk chocolate colour. The highlighter looks glowy but doesn’t seem to have overly glittery pigments. The only down side is that they currently only have one shade, which i’m pretty sure won’t match all skin tones. But here’s hoping they release some shades for a wider range of skin tones soon.


Both the contour and highlighter shade apply seamlessy. They are super buttery and creamy and blend really well. The contour powder is not too harsh and looks very natural on my skin and doesn’t appear muddy as some contour shades do, whilst in the palette it does seem have glitter specs it applies matte to the skin. However I think a slightly darker shade would work better on my medium tan skin. The highlighter applies as it appears, it provides a subtle glow on the highpoints of the face without being overly powerful making it ideal for everyday. Personally I prefer a subtle highlight so this is perfect for me.


I had the products on my skin for around 10+ hours and I feel as though it lasted really well, I have very oily skin so without a setting spray my bronzer normally starts to wear off by the end of the day regardless of which one I use, whilst this one did look less pigmented towards the end of the day, it wasn’t patchy and I did still have some product left on the skin. The higlighter was still on my skin as I had applied it, the highpoints on my face don’t tend to get very oily so the products last a lot better.

Overall Thoughts

I LOVE this palette, whilst I do wish the contour shade was only slightly darker there is nothing bad I can say about the packaging, formula, application or longevity. I think if your looking for a contour and highlight shade for everyday this is for you but the products are buildable if you prefer a stronger contour or a highlight.

Overall Rating: 5/5

You can watch my YouTube video of the application and talk through here:


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