Venice – The Floating City


Exquisite architecture, winding passageways and endless canals, Venice is easily the most picturesque city I’ve been to so far and definitely one I’d visit again. From the long walks along the canal to endless bakeries, gelato stores and pizza places around every corner this is definitely heaven for a foodie. And if you enjoy the indulgence of Nutella, what better place to eat it than the country it originates, from Nutella filled doughnuts, gelato, and cheesecakes, as a Nutella lover I definitely had my share.


Whilst it can be quite heavy on the pockets (depending where you dine and transport you use) its ideal for a weekend away with a partner or friends. The restaurants along the canal charge city tax and if you’re heading for a full meal it can be quite expensive, we ate at a restaurant in Ferrovia, for two people we paid around 40 euros for soft drinks and a main meal. As you head towards San Marco you will see an increase in prices as it’s a central tourist area with an array of beautiful high-end stores placed around the narrow passageways with beautiful rainfall lights and monumental buildings such as Basilica di San Marco.


The main mode of transport around the centre would be the public water taxi, a calming mode of transport allowing you to take in the beautiful surroundings, however if you’re in a rush this is probably not the best way to get around. Buying single tickets for the water taxi can result in being quite expensive, especially if your planning to stop off at multiple locations. The water taxi does offer day rates which would work out cheaper, or if you wanting something more private there is the option of a private water taxi or even a Gondola ride, with is around 100 euros. If your staying outside of central Venice, like we did, then the best way to get into the centre would be a bus, they’re cheap and frequent.

Whilst the traditional Venice hotels are very different in their own way, I prefer modern, simple rooms which is why we opted to stay in Mestre (also cheaper), a 20 minute bus ride to the centre.  The hotel we stayed at was the NH Laguna Palace and it was spectacular, the hospitality and rooms were 10/10. I visited Venice for my birthday and was surprised with a beautifully presented tart for breakfast and a lovely card when we returned to our room in the evening, for me it’s the small things that make a big impression.

We visited Venice in January so it was quite chilly, be sure to wrap up if your travelling in the winter months. From the locals and by friends I was advised that this was the best time to visit, as it isn’t crawling with tourists and there’s crisp fresh air as I’ve heard in the summer heat there can be a certain stench due to the canals. If you’ve visited Venice yourself let me know how you liked it in the comments below, and if your travelling down there have a wonderful time, as I’m sure you will!


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