How I Struggled With and Treated My Severe Acne – Combination Skin

I’ve struggled with acne ever since high school, I’m now 23 and finally feel as though I’ve found a routine that keeps my skin calm and happy (most of the time). I’ve tried both high end and affordable products and it’s been a serious case of trial and error.

Just over a year ago my skin was at the worst it’d been in years,  I had cystic acne on my forehead and chin and it was putting me down to the point I started to miss work and classes. I struggled finding something that helped reduced my acne and improve the blemishes I was left with, the summer weather didn’t help either. I tried everything I could find online, from the Simple line, to Liz Earle and homemade masks and cleansers. Yet it literally felt like nothing was helping, and it was just progressively getting worse.

I hated looking at my self, it would make me cry, I felt ugly and constantly conscious comparing myself to others. To those who have never suffered from severe acne it is difficult to explain the extent to which it can distress you, not only externally but mentally and emotionally. It’s difficult to overcome those feelings when seeing minimal progress in your skin, but that is the first step. Everyone is beautiful in their skin and accepting that was the first step (because stressing over it actually can make it worse!). To this day I still have times I with wish my skin didn’t have scarring and blemishes but looking back over the years and how my skin has drastically improved its a reminder to be happy with it the way it is.

It’s been a long ride but I’ve finally come to terms with it and realised theres much bigger and better things in life, and skin isn’t something I want to spend my life stressing over (I stress enough as it is!).

My Routine

In all honesty the most basic of basic routines has done wonders with my skin, and the best bit is it’s cheap and cheerful! I like to alternate my routine each day, so I’m treating the dryness, oiliness and sensitiveness fairly.

The only expensive product in my routine which I use every night without fail is my Clarisonic. It is a high end product but I see it as an investment, I bought mine roughly 4-3 years ago and it’s still running perfectly, the only thing you need to repurchase is the brush head. This is the most important aspect of my routine, as it cleanses deeper than your hands alone.


I like to cleanse my face twice using the Palmolive soap, you can get it from most superstores but you can also get it online for £1 for a pack of 4! I’ve tried other soaps in the past but they have never worked well with my skin, so I always thought soap was a no go for me. I’ve been using this for 3-4 months now possibly even longer and I love it, I don’t know what possessed me to use this but it’s safe to say this is a staple in my routine for the foreseeable.

Firstly I use my hands to wash the majority of the makeup off, once washed I apply more soap and go in with my Clarisonic.  This is a tip I picked up from the Korean skincare routine, they say it should take the same time to remove the makeup as it does to apply it, because does one wash really remove all those layers of makeup within your pores?

Following that I either go in with a Korean sheet mask, one my favourites and good for your money are the Tony Moly masks (you can see my review here) OR I apply my Differin acne gel and Hyaluronic Acid.

It’s as simple as that! In the mornings I wash my face with my hands using the Palmolive soap and use the Simple Light moisturiser, I can’t stress the importance of SPF regardless of wether its raining or sunny. You need to protect your skin, especially when using acne products as it makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays!


Theres far more things in life to enjoy and pay attention to rather than spending it in doors worrying what people will think of you, live your live to the fullest as you only have one!


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