Freedom HD Pro Finish Loose Banana Powder – First Impression Review

If your new to banana powders then you’ll want to know a little bit of what they are and who they work best for.

So banana powders, bar the name, actually have no banana within it (yes I did initially think it did), rather the name refers to the yellow toned powder. Whilst it does work on the majority of skin tones it’s typically aimed at tanned or darker skinned ladies/men, they brighten the under eye area and reduce the visibility of dark under eyes without leaving a visible white caste, and leaves the skin looking warm and feeling silky smooth.

Ever since Kim Kardashians revelation that she loved the Ben Nye banana powder it has been a staple for many. Of course following that multiple companies then released their own version which are cheaper but claim to be just as good.

A fairly new release is the Freedom HD PRO Finish loose banana powder. It retails for £3 for 8g and is available from Superdrug.


‘Smooth the skin whilst warming the skin tone with the HD Pro Finish Banana Powder. Set your foundation and reduce shine.Use across the nose, cheeks and foreheads to ensure your makeup lasts longer’


The powder applies easily and feels soft on the skin. I find it best to use a beauty blender to apply under the eyes, you could use a brush for the rest of the face but I feel because of the fineness of the product it would apply better with a beauty blender. You do have to sweep off a fair bit of excess that is left which doesn’t settle properly into the skin. I do feel when you sweep off the excess it takes off any product you have on your cheeks so you will have to touch up your foundation or blush.

I found that the powder looked light green in the tub but when I took pictures using flash it did appear yellow and looks warm and yellow toned when applied to the skin.

The Flash Photo Test;

Using my iPhone 6 camera; I’ll just leave this picture here. I don’t think I need to explain anything…


Looks somewhat better with the flash on the DSLR


If you have very oily skin like myself and you are looking to use this as a mattifying powder all over your face then I suggest you look elsewhere. Now I do have to emphasise that I have very very oily skin and regardless of the staying power of a powder I do find myself having to touch up in the middle of the day. After around 4 hours of applying the powder my t-zone was looking ridiculously oily, oiler than when I use my regular powder. I did touch up with some more powder but by the end of the night (around 11 hours total) I literally looked like I’d applied coconut oil to my face.

But the powder held up well under my eyes, it hadn’t budged at all and didn’t settle into or highlight any fine lines under the eye. What I did find was that you could see clearly where the powder ended under the eyes and my foundation/bronzer started which I didn’t like the look of.


The product comes in a good sized tub, good for travelling with and keeping in your handbag. The powder is stored at the bottom of the tub and separated by a micro finish sifter which makes sure there’s no clumps when you use the product.

Overall View

You get what you pay for with this product, for £3 you can’t go wrong if your looking for an everyday powder which brightens the undereye. If you have partially oily skin then this product could also work as a mattifying powder through the day, however if you have very oily skin I wouldn’t reccomend this. If you plan on using flash photography on your mobile then I would avoid this product completely as it looks VERY bad with flash. The undereyes don’t look too bad when using a dslr to take flash photographs but I don’t know if you would want to risk it if it’s an important event!

Overall Rating: 2/5

Check out the demo, application and lasting power in my YouTube video!

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