Sheet Mask 101

Sheet masks are becoming widely recognized as a luxury facial treatment, originating from Korea aimed at hydrating, rejuvenating and some even aiming to reduce wrinkles and calm sensitive acne prone skin.

How do i use them?

To those just entering the wonderful world of sheet masking a sheet mask is exactly that; a microfiber cloth or paper saturated in skin-loving active ingredients. Lazy skin enthusiasts will love to learn that sheet masks couldn’t be less hassle free if you tried. According to the Korean skin gurus they are to be applied on freshly cleansed, toned skin and left to do it’s magic for 20-30 minutes. The best part is that you don’t need to rinse them off!! You just pat in the excess serum and go about the rest of your day or night. Generally they come packed with the right amount of serum but i sometimes find serum left in the packet which i like to use on my legs and elbows, don’t let the good stuff go to waste!

How do they work?

Sheet masks work by preventing the quick evaporation of water from the skin, the extended time period allows for ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, retaining more water leaving you with a healthier complexion. In my opinion I prefer sheet masks over typical face masks and serums as I’ve found them to either dry out my skin by being too abrasive or just sitting on top of it rather than penetrating to the dermis to really hydrate and brighten my skin.

How often can i use them?

The reason why i love these so much is there really isn’t a ‘how many times a week can i use it’. Because sheet masks focus on hydrating and firming the skin rather than exfoliating and cleansing i don’t see a limit on them. Some Korean women use them once a day in their 10 step skin cleansing routine. Trust me, once you start you won’t be able to stop!

How much do they cost?

Another thing i love about sheet masks is that they are very purse friendly. From experimenting with both high-end and low-end sheet masks I’ve found them all to do pretty much the same thing. When it comes to skincare the Koreans don’t skimp even when it comes to cheaper brands, comparing ingredients with some high end brands and low end ones the formulas are very similar. As expected the luxury brands included more ‘fancy’ ingredients but the basics were the same, and seeing pretty much the same results i don’t see the need to splurge!

How do i know which one to pick?

This all depends on your skin type, i like to keep a variety of masks and use them based on what my skin feels like. A few in my stash include radiance boosting, pore clearing, skin clearing, moisturizing etc. All in all the majority of the ingredients in these masks will be the same, however they all have one or two additional ingredients aimed at the type of sheet mask. For example one of my skin clearing masks include salicylic acid and niacinamide which controls for excessive oil and breakouts. My advice is to do some research before purchasing or reading over the ingredients, i always try to avoid any sheet masks which include artificial fragrances as they can irritate sensitive skin and cause breakouts.

I will be posting my recommendations and reviews on budget friendly and high end sheet masks soon so keep an eye on my blog, or subscribe to keep updated with the latest content without spam!


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