Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation – Review

Forever telling myself i won’t buy a new foundation until i finish my old one’s, but lets be honest what girl can really stick to that (respect to those who do). My not so new guilty purchase was Becca’s Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation, i got recommended this by a friend. After an hours contemplation i bought it, i was initially unsure because of the dewy finish and the fact i have combination skin, but now after trying out and combining it with other products i think i’ve mastered a good combo for it!


The bottle itself is very pretty and sleek, but i absolutely hate the dispensing method. Its a pipet and you press down on the centre of the lid which pops up when you unscrew it. The pipet takes me back to science lessons in school, at first i was quite fun to use but now i dislike it. It makes things very messy and because of the consistency of the foundation the top of the bottle accumulates a lot of foundation;


A pump would have been much better!

Consistency and Application

As the foundation is water based, as you can imagine the consistency is very watery (very messy). I have tried to apply this a couple times with my buffing brush from real techniques but it doesn’t apply right, it comes off streaky and uneven, so i wouldn’t recommend that, however when applied with a damp beauty blender the application is FLAWWWWLESSS. One and a half pumps of the foundation get’s me a medium coverage, and is definitely build-able. You have to set this foundation otherwise it will transfer onto everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. Without powder the foundation moves around and i feel like i can feel like it sitting on the skin because of the dewy finish. If you have oily skin you will need to blot or re-apply powder after around 2-3 hours.

I have sensitive acne prone skin and currently have a few blemishes which it covers really well without the need of a concealer. Because of the water based formula i recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin, i don’t feel it has anything that will aggravate the skin and covers quite nicely without looking like you have a lot of makeup on.

I wear the colour ‘Medium’. It is a little darker than my facial skin tone, but i lighten it up with a few lightening drops by the Body Shop. (It was to sunny to open my eyes, after application :/ )


I have a love hate relationship with this foundation, my dry skin loves it, but oily skin hates it. Those with dry skin will love this, it doesn’t attach itself to any dry patches and gives an all over dewy finish. Those with oily skin, if your willing to apply powder a couple times during the day then i definitely recommend giving this a try, but i do have to warn you, do not leave your powder at home, i mean it was literally shine bright like my forehead when i didn’t powder after a couple hours. If you do have oily skin i’ve used the Loreal smoothing resurfacing primer underneath and it definitely helps to control the oil, but you do still need to powder at least once during the day 😦

I don’t however recommend this for the summer, as you can imagine for oily skin in the summer it’s hell, it’s been quite warm in the UK recently and by the middle of the day i felt like you could see my foundation moving on the skin, and almost looked dusty. Not a good look, but i think for a winter foundation this could work really well.

Hope this helps!

Sameena 🙂

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