Nivea Men Post Shave BALM a PRIMER?! : Review

Bit of a strange one this, i was a bit hesitant to give this a go myself but NikkieTutorials raved about it being a really good primer so for only £2.50 i decided to give it a go. For only £2.50 if this stuff worked it would be a god send because it’s cheap as chips!!!

The consistency of this is very thin, almost like a gel and sets on the skin quite tacky (a good thing though, so the makeup can stick to it). The scent is very masculine, but it does settle after a little while and the smell disappears (i got someone to sniff my face ;)). The packaging isn’t very travel friendly as it comes in a glass bottle and is fairly big, but you could transfer it into a smaller travel pots if you wanted to keep it in your makeup bag to travel with.

So i applied this on top of my moisturiser and let it dry before completing my normal make up routine. I have combination skin, which is very very very oily and during winter i get dry patches on my cheeks and chin, oh the JOYS.

This was my freshly applied makeup! I did apply translucent powder on my T-Zone where i get very oily, but on first impression it felt really nice. The balm didn’t highlight any dry patches and my face seemed quite matte, but still seemed dewy at the same time, if that makes sense.

This was the best lighting i was going to get because it was quite late. Sorry!

About 8-9 hours later! Very impressed! My skin gets oily within an hour or two even with powder and this kept it controlled! So that was a major PLUS +, I did see a small dry patch showing on my right cheek but it wasn’t noticeable, my bronzer and highlighter was still pretty much in place too (normally goes patchy by the end of the day) it had started to fade a little but nothing majorly noticeable, you can still see the highlighter on my nose!

All in all i think this is an amazing product, for the price and what it does i think i can honestly say it’s the best (non) primer product i’ve EVER used. I have sensitive, acne-prone skin and i feel like this calms some of my redness down too without causing any more acne from what i’ve seen so far, which is ahmazing. 

Definitely a must have!




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4 thoughts on “Nivea Men Post Shave BALM a PRIMER?! : Review

  1. Would you say it’s a better than primers you have used? I loved the review. It was helpful 😊 Also it would be great if you followed me back so we could support each other on this road of blogging 😊 👌


    1. It depends what you use the primer for, if it’s for filling in pores and such then a primer like porefessional will be better, but just for keeping makeup in place, I do really prefer this over other primers! 🙂 and of course 😄

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