Masque B • A • R – Green Tea Sheet Mask : Review

Masque Bar is a Korean brand who create a variety of affordable face masks for a range of skin concerns and are currently only sold at boots in UK. You can see the full range here.


I have very sensitive skin so I purchased the green tea sheet mask, which is infused with Vitamin E, Phyto Collagen and Green tea extract. It’s safe to say when you have the mask on you look a little scary…This particular mask says it helps with minimizing dark spots and pigmentation making the skin more radiant. Sheet masks focus on adding deep hydration to the skin allowing the absorption of all the lovely ingredients in the sheet!

You get three sheets in a box, each individually wrapped which makes them ideal for travelling with and means they last longer! The masks are infused well and contain the right amount of product, to me it feels a little gooey, but it’s not horrible as I’d happily put it on my face! After leaving the mask on for 20-30 minutes looking like this…


If you live with other people you should probably warn them before putting the mask on especially if your using it at night because you might give someone a fright, which I definitely did not do…After around 30 minutes, my skin felt refreshed, softer and hydrated. I had some dry skin on my cheeks which disappeared after using the mask, so I will definitely be using this again. However, I haven’t noticed any improvement in the pigmentation of my skin, I have a bit of discoloration around my nose which hasn’t noticeably changed but maybe I will have to use the masks over a longer period of time. I’ve used all three masks from the pack and would definitely recommend to anyone who has sensitive acne-prone or dry skin.

The masques are normally £9.99 but are currently on offer for £6.66 (what a strange, devilish price).




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